Main Department for the Development of the Digital Economy
Main Department of Telecommunications Infrastructure Development
The chief department of e-government development
Department for Introduction of Computer-based Systems and Software Programs in the Economy Sectors
Head of Department of perspective development of telecommunication networks
Department of e-Government Infrastructure Development
Department of strategic development of information and communication technologies
Department of Economy and Tariffs
Section for the Development of electronic cooperation between organs
Section for evaluation and analysis of the effectiveness of e-government projects
Section for the Development of Electronic Relations with Applicants
Section for Software Market Development
Department of e-commerce development
Section for National Internet Content Development
Multiservice networks department
Section of Radio Communication, Broadcasting and Television
Section of Mobile Communications
Section of Information security
Section of cybersecurity
Section of licensing and analysing the implementation of licensing agreements
Department for dealing with individuals and legal entities
Investment and Financial Control Department
Section for organizational-control and analytical
Section for the coordination implementation of investment projects
Section of Financial Control
Section of Development Postal Services and Logistics
Section of regulation the use of the radio-frequency spectrum
Section of Public Relations and Mass Media
Section of International Relations
Legal department
Section of Economical Forecasting and Tariffs
Section of coordinating the activities of territorial departmants
Section of Coordinating research and preparation ICT specialists
Section of Staff Development
Department of specialized works
Department of Economic Forecasting and Tariffs