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Appeal to the Ministry

Dear user, in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On appeals of legal entities and individuals" you can apply with a statement, proposal and complaint to the Ministry for development of information technologies and communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Before addressing an appeal we recommend you to familiarize with the activity of the Ministry.

Types of appeals

Appeals can be in the form of statements, suggestions and complaints.

Statement - requesting assistance in the implementation of rights, freedoms and legitimate interests.

The suggestion is an appeal containing recommendations for improving the activity of the Ministry.

The complaint is a request for restitution of violated rights and protection of legitimate interests.

Appeals, regardless of their form and type, are considered equal importance.

Procedure for submission of appeals

Individuals and legal entities have the right to file an appeal independently, as well as to authorize their representative to do so, or to send an appeal through means of postal communication or in electronic form. In the interests of minors, incompetent and severely competent persons, appeals may be submitted by their legal representatives in the manner prescribed by law.

Procedure for consideration appeals

Appeals received by the Ministry are considered by the official, who is responsible for reviewing appeals.

Appeals which are not included in Ministry's power are sent to the relevant bodies within five days with information about it in postal or in electronic form.

If the appeals do not contain the necessary information to be forwarded to the relevant authorities, they shall be returned to the person with a reasoned explanation within a period not later than five days.

In case of need for additional information, references and materials for full, objective and timely consideration of the application, the Ministry official can additionally request information from the physical or legal person who submitted the appeal, as well as within the limits of his authority from other state bodies.

The Ministry, its officials are obliged to provide the information requested from them within ten days, if the information does not contain information constituting state secrets or other secret protected by law, does not harm the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities, the interests of society and the state.

If necessary, the Ministry can check the issue which showed in the appeal in the place.

The reply to the appeal is signed by the head or other authorized official of the Ministry.

Individuals and legal entities have the right to withdraw their appeals before and during their consideration before making a decision on appeal by submitting an application in writing or in electronic form.

Terms of consideration of appeals

The appela or complaint is considered within fifteen days from the date of admission to the Ministry, which is obliged to resolve the matter on the merits, and when additional examination and (or) verification is required, the request for additional documents - within one month.

In cases where the examination, requesting additional materials or taking other measures is necessary to consider applications and complaints, the terms for their consideration may be extended by the head of the Ministry, but for no longer than one month, with an announcement of that person.

The proposal is considered within a period of up to one month from the date of admission to the Ministry, with the exception of those proposals that require additional study, which is reported in writing to the natural or legal person who submitted the proposal within ten days.

The types of appeals which will be abandoned without consideration

Not subject to review:


appeals filed through representatives of individuals and legal entities in the absence of documents confirming their authority;

Appeal that does not meet other requirements established by law.

Ministry's address:

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Responsible for control and work with the appeals in the Ministry - Inagamova Dilnora

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